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Success Story: Boosting Online Presence with Google Ads

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A heating and cooling business with headquarters in Vienna, Austria, is our client. They wanted to boost their online visibility and produce more leads for their services. They did, however, have a problem with rivals clicking on their ads and using up their budget. They collaborated with our group of Google Ads specialists to create a focused search advertising campaign and address this problem.

We collaborated with the client to find keywords related to their industry, such as "heating installation Vienna" and "heating repair Vienna." When people searched for these terms on Google, we then used these keywords to create search ads that would show up. We also implemented tactics to stop competitors from clicking on their ads, like IP and device targeting. Furthermore, as a result of our SEO optimization, the website of our client appeared in Google search results for over 1000 keywords, with over 150 of those appearing on the first page.

Impressive results were obtained. The client saw a 35% increase in website traffic and a 40% increase in leads in the first month of the campaign. The results were even more impressive after three months, with a 55% increase in website traffic and a 60% increase in leads.

The business owner was overjoyed with the outcomes and had the following to say about working with our group:

"We were hesitant to use search ads, but Leovac Digital showed us the value of it. They increased our lead generation and helped us connect with customers who were actively looking for our services. Additionally, they resolved our problem with rivals clicking on our ads, which helped us save a lot of money. A significant accomplishment is that our new website made by them now ranks on Google for more than 1000 keywords, with more than 150 of those appearing on the first page of results in less than a year. We are overjoyed with the outcome."

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